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The Problem with Maths (and some digital ideas to fix it)

February 4, 2022

Happy New year and welcome to 2022!

In our first episode for the year, host Leanne McMahon talks to educator and digital guru Greg O'Connor from Texthelp. Greg poses some of the problems he sees in how our students are learning maths and suggests some solutions for overcoming these issues. Contact us at or 


Contact Greg:


Twitter @gregoconnor




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Research has shown that mathematics textbooks contain more concepts per sentence and paragraph than any other type of text.

Joan M. Kenney (2005) Literacy Strategies for Improving Mathematics Instruction, ASCD, 2005

STEM texts are often written above the grade level for which they are intended

Barton, M. L., Heidema, C., & Jordan, D. (2002). Teaching Reading in Mathematics and Science. Educational leadership, 60(3), 24-28. PDF

Does reading *really* matter in mathematics?

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