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Keep Calm & Remain Critical with Dr Catherine Attard

June 30, 2020

Special guest Dr Catherine Attard discusses her latest blog post with AMSI Outreach Officers Marcus Garrett and Leanne McMahon. In a spirited conversation, they look at how teachers and parents can discern between good and not-so-great mathematics resources in this time of information overload. They also discuss effective use of technology in Mathematics, the difference between performing and learning in maths and what 'home-schooling' really means.

Podcast notes and resources can be found at Catherine's Blog can be found at

Other Links discussed in the episode:

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Website: Joel Speranza – Leveraging Technology for Learning.

YouTube Channel: Joel Speranza Math.

Link to Dr Attard’s Research Project, ‘Investigating the impact of COVID-19 on teachers' technology-related attitudes, beliefs and practices’ (call for survey participants):

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