MathsTalk by AMSI Schools

Developing Number Sense in Young Children

June 16, 2020

This episode looks at the importance of developing number sense in small children and how this can be done by both teachers and parents. Hosts Leanne McMahon and Marcus Garrett speak with AMSI CHOOSEMATHS award winner, Sarah Rose from the Hunter Valley in NSW. Sarah shares her early experiences with Maths and how these have shaped her attitude to Maths teaching now. She gives some great ideas for the development of number sense in children from babies to later primary years. All resources are listed on the AMSI Schools site, Comment or contact us on Twitter @AMSISchools, join us for the #MathsTalk every Thursday night at 8pm AEST or fill in the form on the podcast page

Please excuse the recording quality. It was a very early attempt at Zoom and we are ironing out a few bugs.

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