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Conceptual Understanding: Primary to Secondary

March 9, 2021

In our first 'live' podcast for 2021, host, Leanne McMahon talks to Mathematics Consultant Nadia Abdelal. They discuss the importance of teaching for conceptual understanding, and why it needs to be extended into secondary classes. This is a must-listen for primary and secondary teachers alike and will hopefully stimulate some real discussion in staffrooms across Australia and the world. It is the first in a 2-part series on conceptual understanding in Mathematics and next week we will continue our discussion with a dive into teaching algebra for conceptual understanding.

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Nadia's website:

An NCTM article about teaching Maths for conceptual understanding: 

Marcus discusses the importance of Context in Mathematics:

Jo Boaler highlights that learning number facts is not all about procedure, and in fact a conceptual approach is more effective: 

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